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12 Online Businesses that Pays daily without Investment (2023)

Many people think making money online is hard or requires genius. It’s not true; anyone can make money online with willingness. The internet provides opportunities for people to get paid. There are much online business that pays daily. Anyone can leverage their skills and interests to earn online.

The internet offers opportunities to offer services and get paid. People need to utilize internet opportunities in Nigeria due to economic challenges. The internet can provide an alternative means of earning income.

To start Make Money Online in Nigeria: What You Need

Freelancing: Making Money with Your Skills

You can work online as a freelancer. Freelancing involves offering services like writing, designing, and managing social media. You can provide these services to people who need them online. Making money online from home is an excellent option.

Freelancing is a simple way to use your writing or designing skills to make money. You can work from anywhere and for anyone who needs your service, offering flexibility. Starting freelancing doesn’t need a large investment, making it a stress-free way to earn income.

It can be a great option because it can be done without much stress and relatively easy way to earn income.

To find clients as a freelancer, there are various websites available such as terawork.com, gigfied.com, Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, freelancer.com, guru, and many more. Registering on these platforms can help you expand your client base and secure more work opportunities.


Are you passionate about writing? Don’t be late, turn it into a money-making tool. Blogging in Nigeria is a great way to earn with little investment and hard work. You can start a business, fashion, or relationship blog based on your interest.

Choose a niche you love to make blogging easier. Blogging is not the fastest way to become wealthy but it is valuable. We can support you on your journey.

What Do You Need for Blogging?

  • Good writing skills will help you to be a successful blogger.
  • Upload articles with great content on your website.
  • This attracts people to read your content.
  • Generate lots of traffic on your website to monetize it through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and others.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting and selling someone else’s product for a commission. It’s easier than drop shipping. Companies are looking for people to help market their products.

You get a commission for every product someone buys through your referral link. If you have a website /blog with organic traffic then you can earn a lot of money. Big websites like Amazon offer reliable affiliate programs. You should check it out.


You can earn by selling products using dropshipping. It’s a popular and easy online business in Nigeria. You don’t need much to start. Believe in yourself and use your marketing skills.

Dropshipping relies on effective marketing to sell goods through various online platforms, such as blogs and social media. The best part? Once a buyer makes a payment, your responsibility ends, and don’t need to worry about delivery.

Here are some simplified sentences:

  • To start dropshipping, use your marketing skills to get a client who wants a product.
  • Send the order and money to the manufacturer or wholesaler you are working with.
  • After product delivery, you will get paid.
  • You can make a profit by charging your client more than the wholesale price.

Trading/Earning Cryptos

You can earn money online with good tech skills instead of strenuous jobs. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and saved up in your online wallet for profit.

Airdrops are coins with no current value but will gain value in the future. Save up airdrops in your wallet and trade them when they increase in value. Trade coins with value in your wallet using apps like Binance to earn more.

Virtual Assistant

Help people manage tasks and earn online. High demand for virtual assistants due to busy schedules. Tasks include social media management, email handling, and travel planning.  Get paid for diligent work as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant jobs are increasing in Nigeria. A virtual assistant helps people with online tasks like posting on social media, managing a website or e-commerce products, and writing and editing blogs. Tasks also include managing social media accounts, scheduling travel plans, and organizing calendars.

To find a virtual assistant job that pays daily, search for opportunities that match your skills. Can you handle bookkeeping and inventory? Do you know blogging and SEO? Can you create social media posts with Canva? Search the internet for these jobs.

Create and sell digital products

Creating and selling digital products is a lucrative online income source. Examples of digital products are ebooks, documents, music, recordings, podcasts, pictures, and graphics.

You can sell these products on platforms like Amazon and earn money for every download. Investing time in creating quality products can result in long-term passive income.

You can sell one product to multiple customers and make millions. Ensure your content is high-quality to establish a good reputation and brand.


Starting a YouTube channel can be lucrative in Nigeria. Videos can help people learn and retain information better than reading.

YouTube is a platform to post videos and get paid for views. Posting on social media can also earn you money when verified.

Make impactful and clear videos like in blogging to attract more viewers.

Online coaching

Online coaching is a growing industry projected to grow 10% annually.

It’s booming because the internet has connected people who want to share knowledge. The internet made the world smaller, and people more connected and eager to share knowledge.

Coaching is a popular online business that pays daily.

Start your own eCommerce Business

An eCommerce business sells goods/services online. Customers can buy products/services on the internet and track orders.

You can start with your own website or use platforms like Shopify/WordPress. Create a professional eCommerce shop with pictures of items, shipping rates, and customer service.

Social media influencing

Social media influencing is a popular way to earn money online. It’s not just about posting ads, but also building a following and creating content.

The influencer marketing industry is worth over $2 billion. Social media can be used to build brand identity and create awareness.

You can use social media influencers to make money by creating your own website. Have a good strategy to get the best results.

Start small and build up slowly to avoid losing momentum or interest.

List on property websites

Real Estate allows you to be an online agent for people looking to sell and buy properties. You can list properties such as houses and land on property websites like Property24, Hutbay, PropertyPro.ng, and Castles Nigeria.

You get a percentage in addition to your agent fee when the property is sold.

Successful realtors need to be online and use social media, blogs, and marketing to promote their properties.

Realtors can make money through affiliate marketing or promoting their own services.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities to make money online, such as online tutoring, social media influencing, starting an eCommerce business, and listing properties on websites. With the right tools and strategy, anyone can succeed in the online business world. It’s time to get to work and start earning money online.

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